Mark Tyler and Brian Cluff


This DVD is a graphic insight into the astonishingly varied host of wild plants and creatures that have made this former Nottingham coalmine and waste tip their home since it closed in 1991.

It is a personal project undertaken by two friends, myself Brian Cluff and Mark Tyler who decided to create a record of our love and respect for the local wildlife, and to make others aware of it.  Mark has a remarkable knowledge of the area, with an uncanny skill at spotting or hearing what most of us would miss. My own contribution is several years making video professionally before I retired.

Gedling Country Park Wildlife DVD Trailer

About Disc One

After a brief introduction, Mark takes you on a virtual walk in September 2013 around some of the original grassy paths before the site was made a Country Park. Few people walked there then, so the wildlife became very well-established, as he describes in some detail.

Then, after a short section demonstrating the new paths’ construction early in 2014, the story continues with Autumnthe colours, birds, mating dragonflies, the little grebe chicks’ comical attempts at diving—followed by an enchanting dawn. Autumn concludes with the stonechats and our first view of the swan. An informative voice-over accompanies each disc.

About Disc Two

Disc Two opens with Winter, when some birds leave for warmer climes whilst others arrive from the Continent. It shows the Park and its inhabitants transformed by snow and ice. Then a full moon fetches out the hunting fox, tawny owl and wary badgers.

Disc Two continues with Spring when the Park again
changes its activity—nesting swallows, coot chicks, moths and butterflies, madly mating frogs. Mark listens to birdsong down by the tunnel, the swan sits comfortably next to me , and we share private moments with two Small Coppers.

About Disc Three

Disc Three introduces Summer in all its glory, with a wonderful sunrise. The falcon chicks prepare to fly, damselflies and huge dragonflies dance over the ponds, and we rescue two of them. You’ll discover why some caterpillars live happily with ants—and how bees and other insects can communicate with flowers. The heron stealthily stalks prey in its favourite pond.  Summer ends with the kingfisher catching fish alongside the little grebes family.

Our recorded joyous chorus of Spring, with the small pond of damselflies and the sun-tanning blue butterflies will lose out to the roar of cars and trucks. See and hear them now on our DVD for the last time.

Impending Changes to the Park  Work is now already under way to construct the Gedling Access Road. There will then be significant changes near the Park’s western boundaries, so it is unlikely that birdsong will be heard along the path from the Lambley Lane car park.

Many people who visit the Park may well doubt that a long DVD of its wildlife could be interesting - because they rarely see what we have seen. All the plants and creatures featured have been seen on the Park, with the few exceptions that we mention on the last disc. There are in fact many that we have omitted. Although we saw a fox for two seconds, it was too quick for us to record. Our eye-catching image in Winter is a crayon drawing kindly made by my young grandson Miles, who also recorded some of the bird close-ups.

At almost three hours long, the DVD is not intended to be viewed at one sitting! We suggest watching one disc at a time. It’s taken us four years to make it—you can take your time too….

The set of three discs is available through this web-site at £15.00 per set, plus £2.50 for postage and packing in a bubble-wrap envelope.

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